Ecological Landscape Design/ Landcare Consultant/ Education

Ecologically-based Design works with nature to create beautiful healthy landscapes. 

I create a space for wildlife to live and people to enjoy. The outcome is a living landscape with four season interest that is stunning and resilient. 

Landscape Design/Consultation

Need help deciding what to plant where? Marie can help with plant selection and layout design to maximize four-season aesthetics while embracing eco-friendly practices.

Landscape Education

“Pretty” is just one function of any landscape. Our landscapes can be a source of environmental change. Learn to collaborate with nature in your landscape designs.


Marie is passionate about providing all homeowners, towns, and business with the information they need to make sustainable landscaping choices.  

I create and manage landscapes for people and wildlife through design, management, and education.



  • Landscape Consultant
  • Garden Coaching
  • Speaker and Writer on native plantings, the ecological health and sustainability.

Marie’s Newest Collaboration

In 2020, I researched and authored a paper for the Association of Professional Landscape Designers (APLD), assessing the environmental impact of the default container type in the horticultural industry: plastic plant pots. The discovery that billions (98%), are thrown into landfills regardless of efforts to dispose of them responsibly has resulted in an international initiative to use alternative material.  

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Marie is available for consultations and to schedule to talk to your group. Please contact her using whichever option is most convenient to you.