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98% of plastic horticultural pots that are produced end up in landfills. Together, we can demand change.

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Beautiful Gardens with Companion Plants and Guilds

Page 10
Massachusetts Horticultural Society Leaflet, May 2023

At What Cost?

JPG of article
Bourne Enterprise, March 29, 2023

The Value of Trees

Bourne Enterprise, January 20, 2023

Supply and Demand of Native Species

Ecological Landscape Alliance, November 2021

Planning Beyond Plastics

Landscape Architecture Magazine, June 2021

Meadows: A Dynamic Plantscape

Design Online, November 2020

Natural Coastal Protection

Design Online, February 2020

Healthy Pots

Association of Professional Landscape Designers

Dry River Beds: Possibly Your Property’s Best Feature

Ecological Landscape Alliance, December 2017

Research Paper


Plastic Pots and The Green Industry

Association of Professional Landscape Designers

Speaking Enagements

Cape Cod Landscapers Association Winter Conference, 2023
Cape Cod Hydrangea Society



Relocating Your Native Plant Gardens with Marie Chieppo

Bird Hugger, March 2023
Begins at 22:38

Farming, Landscaping, Organics

GardenLine, March 2023
Begins at 22:38



Plastic Pots in Horticulture: Waste Stream Issues & Solutions

American Public Gardens Association, October, 2022

The Plant Industry’s Dark Secret: Black Plastic

LX News (NBC News) “Connect the Dots”, June 27, 2022



Wild Ones South Shore Chapter: Ecological Landscape Design, Paying Attention to Nature, March 2022

Designing with Native Plants: Beyond the Benefits to Wildlife, November 2021

Pollution from Plastic Plant Pots The Green Industry’s Black Thumb, Ecological Landscape Alliance, January 2021



Perspective on Plastic Pots

American Public Gardens Association
Author: Jean Ponzi

Planning Beyond Plastics

Landscape Architecture Magazine
Author: Haniya Rae

Be a Better Gardener: The environmental cost of plastic nursery pots

Hudson Valley 360, September 2021
Author: Thomas Christopher for Columbia-Green Media

The Truth About Recycling Plastic Pots

Here By Design, September 2020
Author: Carol Funger

New Whitepaper Outlines Importance of Container Disposal Plan

Green House Grower, August 17, 2020
Author: Brian Sparks

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