The owner of this property was taken by the the beauty of a friend’s property I had worked on, and felt motivated to do the same after 25 years of traditional foundation material.  I discussed with him the benefits of native plants; their beauty and important functions for wildlife. Lawn was removed to extend the front beds and immediately ground covers were planted to stabilize the soil and help keep weeds down. Each side of the pathway had different microclimates.  On the left,  A large old pine tree  shaded out a significant area and the grading was prone to erosion. Clethra alnifolia, Tiarella cordifolia, ferns,  Lindera benzoin and Geranium magnificatum were incorporated. To the right, Rhus aromatica, Penstemon digitalis, Andropogon gerardii , Geranium magnificatum and  Itea Virginiana were added. 

The foundation plants were pruned back for rejuvenation.
Wildlife has found a new source of
food and habitat.